1. 15/52

    Spring campfire season has begun.

  2. 14/52

    This was really last minute and isn’t all that great. But somehow my hand shake created mustaches in the sky, so I guess that’s cool. Time to buy a full sized tripod. 

  3. 13/52

    Last week’s photo is brought to you by the number 2 and the letter J. 

  4. 12/52

    I just realized I never posted last week’s photo, but it’s actually perfect that I’m posting it on Autism Awareness Day. This is my friend Julian. He may have autism, but he is also so smart, can solve puzzles better than anyone, has a great laugh, and loves Minecraft as much as any 11 year old boy. He is more than just a diagnosis or a set of behaviors. He is constantly teaching me new things, and I am grateful that I get to spend so much time with such a great kid.

  6. I’m not getting out to take many photos right now because of illness and grad school, but this is pretty much my spring break in Instagram form. Follow me @pvc3. It’s mostly babies. 

  7. 11/52

    A little late, but happy green beer day!

  9. Twin time is my favorite time. 

  10. 10/52

    Things are finally melting. It may be forecasted to snow on Thursday, but today is all about the puddles.