2. 42/52

    I can’t believe there are only 10 weeks left! This weekend I went to the Lyman Estate for the first time, and I’m not sure why I haven’t been before because it’s gorgeous. I especially loved this greenhouse.

  3. Mountains and cows. 

  4. 41/52

    Sometimes, I walk past something and immediately have to turn around and photograph it because the light just happens to be perfectly falling on it. Like this. I like that photography is spontaneous like that. 

  5. 40/52

    I’m up to here in homework. Excuse the lack of photos. 

  6. More apple picking. Fall is the best.

  7. 39/52

    In honor of Mountain Day yesterday and all things fall. Couldn’t get a photo of my apple cider doughnut because I ate it before I even thought to photograph it. 

  8. detailsitfabric:

    Fence Friday.

    This photos seems to be making it’s way around again. I like it when people reblog something older of mine because it reminds me to look at old work and appreciate it. I still really love this.

  9. Love this kid. She’s an awesome model. 

  10. 38/52

    It’s tea season.